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What If You Could Access Unlimited Capital… WITHOUT Strict Credit Criteria’s Or PG’s?

Our 4-Step Funding Process.

Inbe Group aims to keep the funding process as simple as possible.
We ensure our investments can achieve the desired outcomes, and timings.


Almost any major business investment.

Our funding is often used for:

  • Acquisition finance
  • Purchasing Inventory
  • Renting, buying or leasing equipment
  • Hiring additional staff
  • Launching a marketing campaign
  • Working and growth capital
  • Real Estate
  • Paying off large amounts of Venture Capital debt
  • Refinancing one or multiple debt facilities

Up to 5X the amount deposited.

Only 20% of total requested line of credit is required to get funding.
And in certain cases where you cannot qualify i.e. you don’t have 20% available as (liquid) collateral to put down; We can offer bridging solutions to help move your project forward.

Funding Range (USD) $500,000 – NO MAXIMUM.

10 Year Term (120 months).

20% down-payment for Interest Credit Account (ICA)
9% establishment cost (charged at closing).
2-year payment holiday (after this period, interest is then due monthly).
6% interest-only rate (years 3-10).
Principal due at end of year 10 (end of month 120).

Note: Equity investments are are also available for selected businesses.

UCC1 Lien on all Company Assets.

  • NOT Based on revenues of business 
  • Previous bankruptcies allowed
  • Cash wired directly into business bank account 

You can!

We determine the health of your business NOT based just on credit scores. Our in depth understanding of small/large businesses means that we can provide capital to businesses quickly and responsibly.

We have skin in the game.

We don’t play with other people’s money for our gain. And we don’t create asymmetrical risk for our partners. We share both risk and reward with our partners. Our agreements are structured to protect our shared interests. Our upside comes from shared success. Which means we share the same incentive as you! Our benefit, like yours, MUST to come from increasing ROI.

Absolutely not.

We’re investors. We don’t work with entrepreneurs, companies, or investors for short term gain. And we’re not playing a numbers game. Our partnership criteria is incredibly strict. We say “no” to WAY more businesses than we ever say “yes” to (as all businesses should). But for good reasons. We won’t make commitments we can’t keep. Once we determine a partner who’s right fit – we’re ALL IN for the long term to help them unlock serious scale, cash flow, profitability & personal wealth.

In some cases yes.

We prefer investing in established (profitable) businesses who’ve decided they’re now 100% committed to maximising their potential. But need TRUE expertise to eliminate the constraints that limit their current scale. Or simply want to reach their goals much faster. If your start-up is profitable and has a small team (beyond the owner/s), we’re happy to chat with you. Even if we aren’t the right fit, chances are we’ll have someone in our network that will be!


Once our partnership agreement is established, there’s never any additional amounts due. Partners shouldn’t need to make an “investment” decision every time our assistance is needed.  Nor should your team have to seek permission for additional spending if they need our help.


We’re experienced enough to know what’s possible in the types of companies we partner with or invest in. In most cases we’ll customise a 100% performance guarantee based on your specific objectives. At minimum;
You’ll get the proposed (agreed) solutions that best addresses your objectives (or we’ll continue to work for free until we’ve delivered the exact requirements & you’re 100% satisfied).


We concentrate on the higher level strategy and “business aspects”. Meaning, we won’t get involved in the actually service delivery. Sure, we’ll help you to bulletproof all the processes that support your service delivery (including making it more efficient to deliver your services), we just won’t DO the client work. That’s up to you. We concentrate most on systemising & strengthening 3 key aspects:

  • Sales
  • Skills
  • Strategy

For example, when we work with construction companies, we’ll provide DFY (‘Done For You’) solutions for increasing revenue, developing winning capabilities (across the entire enterprise), and consistently elevating the ROI on every individual task & process. But we won’t do any of the actual “site works”. We build businesses not houses.

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$0 to $15,243,074 in 28 months!

We started from scratch with ecomm in 2018. Revenue built steadily but some challenges that were difficult to navigate were slowing us down. Chris invested in us 5 months after we started, our revenue was around $300K. Fast forward 23 short months later… $15M in revenue! Can you imagine? It’s been crazy! Earning $3 or more from every $1 we spent on marketing & sales. And without Chris it wouldn’t have been possible. His no BS ‘show don’t tell’ approach helped us quickly change how we think and make decisions. Our newfound speed keeps us miles ahead of the competition. I’ll continue partnering with Chris in all our ventures so we can continue pushing our limits and raising the bar!
Nick Micov
Co-founder, Simple Solution Now LLC