What If Venture Debt And Traditional Lines of Credit Had a Baby…
But It Didn’t inherit Any Of The “Ugly” Parts?!

Capital By Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs.

We (INBE Capital LLC) provide unique capital solutions designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
This includes (but is not limited to) debt facilities (loans), equity investments, alternative investment strategies, capital strategies, and capital advisory/management.


We’re not currently offering our “Business Expansion Line of Credit” product.
We will review this decision in early 2024.

The Backstory.

“Borrowing” had always been a “necessary evil” in our line of work.
Banks have been becoming more selective than ever for commercial lending.
Since they receive their funds from everyday depositors.
And none of us want our bank to take undue risks with our money, right?

That’s why there’s stringent governmental regulation on banks.
They make sure that certain company profiles get limited in how they can work with banks.
Since 2009 we’ve worked with many banks and well over a hundred private non-bank lenders.

The best private lending comes through capital markets, private investors, or hedge funds.
These lenders are far more aggressive and entrepreneurial than banks.
So we thought we’d found our “perfect partners”.

Becoming a “Capital Company” was the last thing on our minds!
Especially after so many years building strong relationships with other private lenders.
Seriously, Why would we?
Doesn’t seem like there’d be any need for it, does there?

As with most entrepreneurs, we tend to solve problems out of necessity rather than desire.
Which is exactly what happened in this case.
Long story short, we had many huge “let downs” by other lenders in some key M&A transactions.

The root of the problem was that we had no real control over the capital components of our deal.
Which was starting to put stains on our rock solid track record of successful deals.

We reached a tipping point.
So what turned out to be a relatively quick decision (in the scheme of things)…
Completely transformed our group’s trajectory…

We decided to liquidate our robust investment portfolio.
Then our group’s 3 founders, Craig, Jonathan, & Chris added to the pot.
Creating the first pool of reserves for the then newly formed INBE Capital LLC.

We also never intended for our loans to get offered to anyone outside of our group.
The goal was simply to have full control over all our processes.
And to provide our internal partners with more pathways to greater wealth.

Our first and second iterations of the “BELOC” product weren’t refined at all.
We did “whatever it took” grow our capabilities.
And frankly, the product wasn’t great.
“Bootstrapped” would have been the world’s greatest understatement!

We were slow to fund, taking well over 180 days to deliver initial tranches.
And the terms were nowhere near where they needed to be.

Lots of mistakes and failures along the way (lessons).
And certainly not the last of them!

But BELOC and INBE Capital have come a long way.
Now in its 3rd iteration, “BELOC 3.0” has grown into a more mature debt facility.
With greater capabilities (thanks to our refusal to quit or take “no’s” for answers).
And better terms for borrowers.

INBE Capital has no goal of ever becoming a “volume” lender.
First, we lend to our own group, for our own investments.
Then if reserves permit, we look at external applications.

We don’t seek to issue hundreds or thousands of loans for borrowers.
No, we selectively approve tens of loans a year for elite entrepreneurs only.

At our core, we look for partnerships.
We’re not interested in “one night stands”, only “marriages”.

So if you have a single project to take care of..
We won’t be the right partner for you.
Got a big pipeline of progressive projects? Then yeah, we can probably talk more.

We only play the long game.
Debt is one pathway (of many) that we use for sustained capital advantages.
And life-long, highly lucrative strategic partnerships.

No silver bullets.
No jamming square pegs into round holes.
This type of debt isn’t going to make sense for the average entrepreneur or operator.
But we’ve done our best to create a debt facility that makes sense for elite entrepreneurs & investors.

What Are Our Loans?

exactly like a banking line of credit or venture debt
But with none of the “ugly” parts!

All of our funding typically requires 25-35% of the loan value upfront.
In exchange for the slightly higher skin in the game:

– We don’t hinder borrowing capacity based on financials
– There’s no PGs
– We maintain our low fixed interest rates
– There’s a 2 year payment holiday at the start of the loan
– We never charge prepayment penalties

When you have a project where 25-35% cash is available upfront;
We’ll move swiftly through our 5 phase 14 step borrowing process.

How To Qualify.

We’re different from traditional & institutional lenders.
So our lending criteria is different.
We consider the entrepreneur and their team first and foremost.
Then, of course, we consider the usual stuff any lender would (the numbers).
Our review board utilizes an extensive assessment criteria made up of over 20 considerations per application.

Here’s 7 key components of our loan assessment criteria.

Loan Size

  • The Entrepreneur has industry/market expertise & a track record of success
  • The Entrepreneur is ready, willing, & able to undertake a series of substantial projects 
  • The funds for upfront borrowing costs are ready, willing & able
  • The Entrepreneur has a viable strategy & access to the necessary resources
  • Project/opportunity financials are healthy enough for us to justify lending liabilities
  • Inbe Group are the right partner to provide specific long term value
  • Opportunity aligns closely with Inbe Group’s long term vision & strategies


  • 4-6% Interest-only rate! (APR)
  • Funding Range USD $3,000,000.00+
  • 10 Year Term (120 Months)
  • Approvals in 48 Hours
  • Funding within as little as 30 banking days (for large projects)
  • NOT purely based on revenues of business
  • Previous bankruptcies allowed
  • Cash wired directly into business bank account
  • 2-3 year payment holiday
  • After holiday period, interest is then due monthly

If you do want to proceed with applying for a facility for your project;
Here’s the 5 Phases & 14 steps required.

Phase 1: Pre-approval

  1. Borrower Signs Mutual Confidentiality
  2. Borrower Submits Project Overview
  3. Borrower Signs Expanded FAQ Doc 
  4. Borrower Submits BELOC Preliminary Customizations & RWA Proof Of Funds For ICA Cost
  5. *90 Day Pre-approval Issued (if ICA funds aren’t yet available, otherwise move to #6)

Phase 2: Conditional Approval

  1. **21 Day Conditional Loan Offer Issued (Term Sheet with confirmed loan offer expiry) 
  2. Borrower Signs/Accepts Conditional Loan Offer (Term Sheet)

Phase 3: Final Approval

  1. Final Approval Awarded (within 48 hours of signed terms)
  2. Loan Docs Issued 
  3. Borrower Signs Loan Docs 

Phase 4: ICA Wire

  1. ***Borrower Wires ICA Funds (confirmed with proof of wire)
  2. Final Underwriting Commences (underwriting Attorney receipt of funds)
  3. ICA Sent To Third Party Trustee (Attorney) To Be Held/Protected 

Phase 5: Funding

  1. Funding/Payment Schedule Executed (as per specified payment schedule) 

*Lending process stops at (Phase 1) Step 5 if ICA funds aren’t RWA.
(ready, willing & able) 

**Loan offer is void if borrower fails to complete their steps within the agreed timeframes.
(resubmission fees apply from Phase 2 onward if borrower can’t meet their obligations)

***Steps 1-11 typically happen within 7-10 banking days.
(within standard loan offer expiry deadline)

NOTE: Following the completion of steps 1-4, expect it to take up to 14 banking days to receive a pre-approval or conditional approval (it’s 14 banking days after step 4 to reach steps 5 or 6)

  • 10-40% ICA Advance Cost
    (First 2-3 years of interest paid upfront + risk premium surplus amount retained as ICA prepayment credit)
  • 9% One-Time Establishment Cost paid out of loan principal at closing
    ( for costs such as lending + legal + closing + custodian + broker commissions etc.)
  • Customization Fees (application fees are only charged for nominated loan customizations, which are clarified and charged prior to any approvals)

We run a standard payment schedule as follows:

  • Tranche Payment 1 = 33.33% Transferred 30-90 banking days post underwriting completion
  • Tranche Payment 2 = 33.33% Transferred 30-60 banking days after Tranche 1
  • Tranche Payment 3 = 33.33% Transferred 30-60 banking days after Tranche 2

We can lend to most economic projects.

  • Start-ups (pre-revenue/profit)
  • Distressed businesses
  • Late Stage businesses

NOTE: Must be stable jurisdiction, free from sanctions.
For ICA Advance Cost; Only paid with funds that are clean and clear of non-criminal origin. And are payable in cash immediately upon receipt by beneficiary’s bank.
First we determine whether the business opportunity is good. Then if it is, we’re open to any project type. Provided it isn’t illegal or located in a “politically sensitive” jurisdiction.

We have 2 methods of securitization built into the BELOC product.

  1. ICA Advance Cost – (Interest Control Account / Interest Cost Advance):
    Which is the prepayment of interest (payment holiday period + risk premium). This is our primary securitization method. It gives optimal balance between risk management and the best possible loan terms. Contained within this charge is the first 2-3 years of interest payments. Plus an approved risk premium as surplus (ICA credit). In exchange for this upfront payment, the borrower gets a 2-3 year payment holiday at the beginning of the loan. After the holiday period, the ICA surplus is retained as credit. Which is returned to the borrower at final settlement. We’re also able to drawdown from the leftover surplus if we need to recover losses. So if a default occurs, we’ll do this before utilizing the company assets. See securitization method #2 below.
  2. UCC1 Lien on ALL Company Assets – (Uniform Commercial Code – 1): Is a claim against all business assets until the loan is repaid. We keep first position over all company assets. So that in the event of default, we’re able to use the company assets to recover our losses.
  • Acquisition finance
  • Purchasing Inventory
  • Renting, buying or leasing equipment
  • Hiring additional staff
  • Launching marketing campaigns
  • Working and growth capital
  • Real Estate & Developments
  • Paying off large amounts of Venture Capital debt
  • + More

Currently, our smallest loan size is $3M USD.
Which requires at least $750K USD liquidity to cover upfront costs/deposit.

Pre-approvals are valid for 90 days.
Once conditionally approved (formal loan offer & terms), we expect the loan gets finalized within 7-10 calendar days.
If it is not, we’ll assume that the Borrower will not be proceeding, and we’ll withdraw from the deal.

We secure our loans SOLELY with the project we’re lending to. We’ll have a “GSA” (General Security Agreement) on the project. We don’t need further collateral. We won’t ask for personal or corporate guarantees, and will not attach any other unrelated assets. If you default on your loan, our claim is strictly against the project itself (we’d first drawdown the Interest Control Account).

10 years (120 months) is our standard loan term. For very large projects, we’ll attempt to be flexible. A longer term may be critical to the success of the project. In which case we’d review the circumstances and see what’s possible.

Final approvals get completed within 48 hours of conditional offer acceptance and RWA proof of funds for ICA cost. Loan Documents are then generated and sent to the borrower.

Loan offers expire by the “Offer Valid Through To” date stated on the Term Sheet. Which means all borrower documents and wiring of ICA funds must be complete on or before the “Offer Valid Through To” date.

These are our funds. They do not come from any other investor or wholesale lender. INBE Capital LLC has the financial capacity and resources to fund a range of projects. We have a proven track record of providing financing for small cap, mid market, & even large cap projects. And the necessary expertise to structure and underwrite the financing. We have a strong capital base and maintain appropriate levels of liquidity to ensure our ability to fund.

We currently work with USD, Euro, or Sterling (GBP). With USD being our primary currency.

Term Sheets have an “Expiry” (also known as the “valid through to” date). When we issue one, we must set our loan money aside, with the expectation the deal will close in a timely fashion. You’ll need to reapply if you’re not advancing your deal before the term sheet expires. When this happens, you may need to pay a “Resubmission Fee”.
This Fee covers all our Costs incurred structuring your deal the first time around. Legal, Due Diligence, issuing Insurance (SKR), and time committed from the outset.
Our Resubmission Fee begins at $23,750 USD and can be higher based on the complexity of the deal. To be clear, if you meet the specified time frame required the first time around, there’s no upfront fees. Unless you nominate specific customizations for your BELOC Facility.

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