Strategic Investing By Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs.

Discover How To Unlock Hidden Capital Events
Throughout All Stages Of The Entrepreneurial Life-Cycle.

Investment. Partnership. Experience.

Free Flowing Capital Events.

Why wait until you exit to achieve a significant capital event?
We DON’T believe capital (liquidity) events should be “reserved” for exits.
At the core of our unique methodologies is the unwavering belief that MOST entrepreneurs are leaving MOST their upside “on the table”!

Avoid this incredible costly mistake! Learn how to maximise your capital event opportunities.
Make money when entering deals, during the investment tenure, & (of course) at exit.
ALL without needing to pull ROI directly from the business which inevitably just adds performance pressures!
Then why not advance to monetisation of assets beyond direct business ownership?
And ultimately, become entirely self-funded!
No matter how far you want to take things, we’ll be able to help open the next door for you (and we’ll make sure you never leave anything on the table throughout the process).

We’ll help you unlock large amounts of hidden investor capital at all stages of the entrepreneurial lifecycle.

Achieve >15X Valuations.

100% systemisation. Fix cash flow. Increase sales. Destroy debt.
Hire & develop kick arse teams. Essential asset development & implementation. Build undeniable value by shifting from “P&L thinking” to “balance sheet thinking”. We’ll help deploy;

  • Tech infrastructure
  • Real time reporting
  • Winning recruiting & training processes
  • Market analysis & pricing optimisation
  • Decreased enterprise risk
  • Productised service delivery
  • Bulletproof financials
  • + MORE

Quickly add 40-180% more profit & HUGE valuations with 584+ proven frameworks.

100’s Of Partners & Growing.

Selling your company?
Seeking investment or capital?
Need a turnaround?
Want to take your company public?
You might feel like you’ve taken the business as far as you can and need a change to improve your current lifestyle.
Whether it be by acquisition, investment, resolving operational and financial challenges, or other strategic requirements.
Funding, acquisition, transformation, & exit solutions for 100’s of partners & businesses since 2009.

Craig has added so much to my toolbox and confidence in closing larger deals than I ever have before.

Working with Craig has been a true learning experience. At the age of over 50 my experience is vast and wide, I was truly surprised at the breadth of knowledge Craig has in M&A.
Having worked on a few acquisitions and owner calls with Craig, I can only say the way in which he approaches an owner is truly one of a kind. The focus is not on the deal but on the needs of the owner, the legacy and the support we can give to create a significant exit value.
This has led to various equity wins for myself and Black House Private Equity.
The truly impressive point one immediately realizes when meeting and working with Craig is the absolute depth of integrity he carries as his core guiding value.
Steven Eugene Kuhn
Founder, Humble Alpha

With us every step of the way.

Chris is a champion & his help has been priceless! He’s been with us every step of the way helping us grow the business and get back precious time. We’re seeing constant improvements to our bottom line.
Loma Naser
Co-founder, The Beaches Expansion Group

An irresistible proposition.

I’ve honestly never come across anything like the unique proposition from Chris & the team at INBE. They bring real “in the trenches” experience. A willingness to delay gratification, get 100% invested in your success & their upside comes from actually helping you get big deals done – Complete no brainer for entrepreneurs serious about stepping up as investors and taking on larger transactions!
Tristan Boyd
MD, Slipstream Commercialisation™

One of those connections that will remain through the future!

Working Globally, there at times, are many gaps in culture, values, and even work styles. With Ndifreke, those were not even in play. Knowledge transfer for BHPE’s Cashflow’s process went so smooth even during some rough time zone constraints.
Tina Underhill
Principal Consultant Product at AgileThought

It is a pleasure working together.

Well respected M&A and business transformation experts and I am always amazed at the vast knowledge and experience.
Dr. Khalid S.
Medical Doctor, Healthcare Investor

$0 to $15,243,074 in 28 months!

We started from scratch with ecomm in 2018. Revenue built steadily but some challenges that were difficult to navigate were slowing us down. Chris invested in us 5 months after we started, our revenue was around $300K. Fast forward 23 short months later… $15M in revenue! Can you imagine? It’s been crazy! Earning $3 or more from every $1 we spent on marketing & sales. And without Chris it wouldn’t have been possible. His no BS ‘show don’t tell’ approach helped us quickly change how we think and make decisions. Our newfound speed keeps us miles ahead of the competition. I’ll continue partnering with Chris in all our ventures so we can continue pushing our limits and raising the bar!
Nick Micov
Co-founder, Simple Solution Now LLC

World class in communication, business development, & investing.

Darren is an excellent visionary for global aid, and creates practical solutions by inspiring leaders and organizations into tangible action. I’ve also had the pleasure of hosting his speaking events, such as YVR Start Ups here in Vancouver. He is very inspiring and educates people all over the world to help them develop the skill sets they need as an entrepreneur and investor. It’s fascinating what one man can do, and Sir Darren Jacklin is a connection I highly recommend as he ads tremendous value to each interaction. Thank you for the pleasure of working with you and your foundation.
Iulia Tudor
Brand Director at Evolve Branding, CEO at Tudor Consulting

What Businesses Do We Invest In?

Partial Acquisition

Annual Gross Profit

  • Min. 3 Years Trading
  • 5+ Staff
  • Current Budget To Hire More
  • Actively Chasing Profit Gains
  • Needs Cash Flow Increases
  • Driven To Reach Full Potential
  • Needs To Free Up Time
  • Needs Systemisation
  • Ready For Expert Collaboration
  • Aren’t Assholes On Ego Trips

Invest Or Acquire

Annual Income

  • Min. 5 Years Trading
  • Fully Staffed
  • Private Owner Operated SME
  • Desire To Secure Legacy
  • Needs Employees Safeguarded
  • Ready To Exit Or Restructure
  • All Industries Will Be Considered
  • All Geographies Considered
  • Preference For; Construction, Ecommerce, Agencies, & Health

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